Chicken & Gammon Pie

Plenty of veg and meat in a rich, creamy sauce, all covered in soft puff pastry – what’s not to love! A proper hearty meal, served best with mashed potato to help soak up all the sauces along with a good beer or a glass of red!

6 people

Prep Time
40 mins

Cooking Time
25 mins


tick what you've got in your fridge


Melt butter in a saucepan and mix in leeks, nutmeg and a pinch a pepper

Cook for 3-5 min until the leeks have become soft

Into a new saucepan mix together lemon juice with the chicken and gammon

Stir until cooked though, then drain out most of the excess juices

Into the chicken and gammon, mix in the leeks, mushrooms and crème fraiche

Gently warm through for 2-3mins then remove from heat

Onto a floured surface roll out the pastry large enough to cover the top of the rectangular roaster

Pour the chicken and gammon mixture into the roaster and spread out evenly

Allow to cool and add the pastry lid

Tuck under any excess pastry around the edge and decorate the top as you wish – remember to pierce the top of the pastry a few times with a fork

Brush over an egg wash and place in the oven for 15-20 mins at 355F